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..:: FALLEN JOY ::..

Pont-Sur-Yonne - Salle Polyvalente - PYHC Festival - 4 Juin 2011 - 19h00 - Metal.

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..:: FALLEN JOY - Metal ::..
[Citation - Myspace]
"They were five. Five warriors sharing a same fate. Five warriors on a same journey, to conquier the world of music. There was Gul, sick and growling vocalist. Julien, at infrasonic bass guitar vibrations. The mercyless war drummer was Leandro. And Antoine was the invincible guitar hero. Finally there was Victor, at massive guitar riffs and screaming vocals. Their strategy was simple : gathering their allies with epic melodies, and slay the enemy at once with deadly riffs. After several days of hard work in Sainte-Marthe studio, they deliver in 2010 their debut EP : "Order To Die". Nevertheless, there still is a very long road ahead of them. As late lamented Bon Scott of AC/DC said : "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n roll !""

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..:: PYHC Festival ::..
[Citation - PYHC]
"...sur le site de l'asso PYHC ! Ici vous y trouverez l'actualité de la scène rock, métal, punk & hardcore de l'Yonne et de ses alentours proches ainsi que les dates des concerts que nous organisons."

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..:: Salle Polyvalente - Pont-Sur-Yonne ::..

"Salles Polyvalente de Pont-Sur-Yonne - Yonne."
Place du Maquis Paul Bert
89140 Pont-sur-Yonne

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