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Pont-Sur-Yonne - Salle-Polyvalente - PYHC Fest 3 - 20th July 2013 - 9:00pm - Metal.

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..:: EMBRYONIC CELLS - Metal ::..
[Quote - Facebook]
"EMBRYONIC CELLS was born in Troyes (France) during the year 1994. Since his creation, EMBRYONIC CELLS has known a lot of troubles, but being doubly patient, after some demo and 13 years in the underground, the band brings out his first album called «Before The Storm». This recording has allowed the band to have a name within the underground metal scene, generating in that way many reviews, numerous contacts and of course some more gigs...
In 2008, EMBRYONIC CELLS continued to sharpen their warring thrash black-metal skills with «Black Seas», recorded at Halphas Studio and masterized at P&f Studio by Fred Rochette. Unanimously and internationally recognized by the main specialised medias, this album answers completely the expectations placed in it. The very good feedback concerning «Black Seas» helped the band to cross a new level.
In May of 2010, EMBRYONIC CELLS began writing what would become «The Dread Sentence». Recorded at Pn’F by Fred Rochette, «The Dread Sentence» contains ten tracks which agressive, powerful and melancholic. The epic dimension, the cold riff, the tragedy of the arrangement and the torn singing will gratify metal darkness fans.
2012, EMBRYONIC CELLS just signed on Axiis Music. “With Axiismusic’s deal, hopefully we can take some new steps with Embryonic Cells and reach another level as a metal-band,” say the frontman Max, «We’ve always mainly made music for ourselves so as long as we like it. Now, Embryonic Cells want to play places we haven’t played yet and reach a wider audience without sacrificing what it is we do best.»"

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..:: PYHC Festival ::..
[Quote - PYHC]
"...sur le site de l'asso PYHC ! Ici vous y trouverez l'actualité de la scène rock, métal, punk & hardcore de l'Yonne et de ses alentours proches ainsi que les dates des concerts que nous organisons."

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..:: Salle Polyvalente - Pont-Sur-Yonne ::..

"Salles Polyvalente de Pont-Sur-Yonne - Yonne."
Place du Maquis Paul Bert
89140 Pont-sur-Yonne

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