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..:: PRIMAL AGE ::..

La Souterraine - CCYF - Espace de l'Ecluse - Prod : Metal District - 27th August 2011 - 8:00 pm - Metal-Hardcore.

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..:: PRIMAL AGE - Metal-Hardcore ::..
[Quote - Myspace]
"The group began in 1997 and is made up of Didier- singer, of Thierry and ,Seb- guitar, of Dimitri- bass and of stephane- drums. Alter having done quite a few concerts all over France, Primal Age recorded to appear on the compilation "In This Other Land" which came out on the label Overcome Records... April 99, the CD «The Light to Purify» sees the day in the studio Hautegard in Liege, produced by the famous Andre Gielen (Arkangel, Length of Time, L' Esprit du Clan...)... The release of the album on the label Eyewitness Records, is very well welcomed by the press and public, and enables Primal Age to add up concerts with groups like Napalm Death, Converge, Nostromo, Caliban, Turmoil, 25 Ta Life, All Out War, Length of Time and Indecision, and to be apart of more and more important events like The Superbowl of Hardcore - Good Life Festival"

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Primal Age

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..:: Prod : Metal District ::..
[Quote - Matel District Facebook]
"Association de diffusion de musiques extrêmes en Limousin."

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..:: CCYF - Espace de l'Ecluse - La Souterraine ::..

CCYF - Espace de l'Ecluse - La Souterraine.
Avenue de la liberté, La Souterraine.
23300 La Souterraine - France

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