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Pont-Sur-Yonne - Salle Polyvalente - PYHC Festival - 4th June 2011 - 7:00 pm - Metal.

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..:: ABOVE THE BUTCHER - Metal ::..
[Quote - Myspace]
"Above the butcher is a french metalcore band situated in the department of Essonne ( region of Ile de France). It was founded in 2009 by Kris' and Breby't..... The band is composed of Arnaud the lead singer, Breby't and Flow (rythmic guitars), Kentin (bass) and Kris' (drums). Above The Butcher is first of all a powerful and a melodic musical atmosphere. By combining the style of each member the band can send the public into another universe. Their music consists of frenzied riffs and brutal accelerations. Their energy on stage shows how good the performers are and how much they love what they do. The musicians' rage and the heaviness of the sound make the music very effective and entertaining."

- Above The Butcher - Myspace -

..:: PYHC Festival ::..
[Quote - PYHC]
"...sur le site de l'asso PYHC ! Ici vous y trouverez l'actualité de la scène rock, métal, punk & hardcore de l'Yonne et de ses alentours proches ainsi que les dates des concerts que nous organisons."

- PYHC - SiteWeb -

..:: Salle Polyvalente - Pont-Sur-Yonne ::..

"Salles Polyvalente de Pont-Sur-Yonne - Yonne."
Place du Maquis Paul Bert
89140 Pont-sur-Yonne

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